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Our Mission

To be a world leader in sales channel development of Power Lithium ion batteries for Green Energy Applications.

Customer Base

World Largest Customer Base of Power Lithium ion Batteries for Green Energy Applications

Company Profile

Everspring Global Limited was founded in 2001 by Jeffrey Wong as a continuation of his old company City Smart Limited. City Smart Limited was sold to OTI, a Nasdaq listed company.

Hong Kong Company Registration #: 31523130  since 2001.


Other Products:

LP12V series Monolithic rechargeable batteries: www.12vLithium.com 

SOCl2: non-rechargeable Lithium ion batteries : www.socl2.com




Sales Contact:                                                                                                                                                                 (Text Mode)

Europe:                          sales-euro@everspring.net

USA:                               sales-us@everspring.net

Rest of the World          sales-row@everspring.net

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